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The Heart Of Our Believing

(Fr Kevin Bates) Used by permission

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Our mountain air is breathing

A spirit of it's own

Like God's own breath creating

The dreaming of our home

We hold in trust the memories

Of many thousand years

of families who have blessed us

beyond our story here.


Chorus: God whose heart we know so well

Keep showing us your dreaming

Your mercy be our faithful song

The Heart Of Our Believing


Now gathered round this story

Of 'Word made Flesh' on Earth

We ponder on The Mystery

And give The Word new birth

We stand before the table

Where Jesus, 'Living Bread'

gives taste to God's own Passion

that hungry hearts be fed




The joyful and the gentle

the wounded and the free

can find a home among us

all hearts will welcome be

So God of all our memory

Refresh our hopes today

When future dreams creating

We breathe your Word always