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New York Times Article May 2006 Contra-Contraception Top 10 Article from The New York Times this month.
By RUSSELL SHORTO, Published: May 7, 2006
A growing number of conservatives see birth control as part of an ailing culture that overemphasizes sex and devalues human life. Is this the beginning of the next culture war?

Readers Review. "This is an absolutely fascinating read (if you can wade through it's lengthy 9 pages.) Certain sections provide a great insight into the bottom lines in the 'new' contraception debate and gives some very clear overviews of the science and the basic operations of new birth control technologies which seem to be radically blurring the lines between abortion and contraception.

Strengths: It genuinely attempts to understand and examine the best arguments of the conservative position while simultaneously airing the very valid criticisms of it's opponents. Atypically, this article actually deals very well with the moral debate behind the positions and quotes both John Paul II and the Vatican a fair bit.

Weaknesses: It focuses heavily upon the US situation and fails to deal with the moral imperatives that flow from overpopulation (even characterisng population decline in Europe as a negative in it's last section) Environmental considerations of population growth are not raised or examined and the limits on self actualisation for women are similarly ignored.

Still, as an article on the subject it remains one of the most balanced I have ever seen in the mainstream Press." -***** Pat Drummond